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Robin at Space 853 in Long Beach California

Space 853 on Pine


Does it ever happen to you that half way your day things happen and you're like... "WoW, what a coincidense! Pretty Cool."

The other day I felt like Spring needed a little nudge in the right direction and some people around me a little more "smile" on their faces. I decided to wear my yellow pants and my Floris van Bommel shoes with orange soles. Not once have I encountered people who were negative or frowned upon my yellow pants. Oh wait, I have! The negative ones I just ignore, the one that frownes is my lovely wife and since I adore her, I'll take her frowne any day of the week. So, I'm good.

After meeting with some clients and a nice lunch with two fellow Realtor® buddies I decided to swing by my good friend and artistic-amazement-officer, Sherry Ray-Von. Sherry is the brainwave behind Space 853. It is an industrial looking space with cool lighting, comfy couches and chairs to lounge, high-end electrical features, a bedroom on the loft and a bathroom. The space can be used to throw a party, have a wedding reception, have a business launch party, display your art, too much to mention. If you want your party or event catered, Sherry has the connections. You name it, she can provide you with the right setup.

Pretty cool setup and definitely something to keep in mind when you are in need of a cool space to host and event.

Oh, the coincidense... Space 853 has a white and orange theme to it and when taking this photo I realized my soles are orange. I was meant to stop by today, no doubt about it!

Have fun out there and check this space out. Located just south of 9th street 853 Pine Avenue in Long Beach California.
​(949) 514.4016 *tell them Robin sent you

- Robin :: Realtor® - Keller Williams Coastal Properties - "Yellow! It's Robin, how can I help?" ::