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When a colony of bees wants to sub-let.

Bees and the City.
Looking for a new home can be a very emotional process. You know that it has to make financial sense, the finances have to be in order, W2s, tax returns, savings, fico scores and reserves all play an important part and then.... you find a home you like. You fall in love with it the moment you walk up to its front door, the moment you see the kitchen with its white sparkling cabinets, the family room with an amazing fireplace. All of a sudden the rational of it all is tossed out the window and emotionally you make the decision to like, want, what say I... NEED this house!

Not too long ago on my wife's day off a small swarm of bees decided that one of the columns that holds up the porch of our California bungalow was worth checking out as a possible new home-site. Easily 59 bees were circling a little hole in the grout and some went in and out. After checking it out we decided that there wasn't anything sweet or yummy in our front yard and realized that the bees might move in. As a Realtor® I wanted to draw up a contract to sub-let. My wife however kindly asked me to find a company that could take care of this growing problem. I knew she was right and also knew she'd want a company to come out that would first and foremost try to keep the bees alive rather than just exterminate.

A quick Google and I found Hive Pro bee removal 15 blocks away from where we live. Matt picked up when I called and after explaining the situation he gave a lot of information and options to tackle the bees. He'd be out at the end of the day!
After about an hour the bees kind of dissapeared, only a few left buzzing around the column. When Matt arrived he observed the spot, and decided that these must be scouts looking for a home for the colony. A colony apparently that is just hanging out in a tree somewhere, waiting for a new location to start their hive. Bees search out 2 or 3 locations at a time and are somewhat like computers according to Matt. The bees are very rational about deciding on their new home. It either works or it doesn't. Matt's objective was to make our home and the surrounding area a complete fixer upper in the eyes of the bees so that they would find our home not move in ready. We decided to apply a repellant and avoid bees moving in that way.

Hive Pro also relocates bees, Matt showed a small colony he saved earlier that day. The bees will be picked up by a bee keeper who loves saving urban bees and give them a new home and hive in the high desert.

​All-in-all a cool experience and a great contact to have in case you are looking for a bee removal company.

Have a fun day!

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